Limited Medical Benefit Plan

ISI  Announces a New Star….

ISI has reached an agreement with CT Benefits, Inc. to offer a group health
insurance program for all of our members. After a 10 year search, we are now able to say that you can now get the following policies at an affordable price:

Choose the plan that fits your needs and your budget. All plans include:

Diagnostic and Blood-work Benefits

And Much More!

Medical  Options

Protect yourself and your loved ones with guaranteed issue life insurance

Life  Insurance

Comprehensive Vision Plan including:

Glasses or contacts every year

Eye exams with dilation

Huge selection of frames

Large nationwide network of providers

Low Vision Program

And more...


Free Cleaning and Checkups

Basic Care Benefits

Major Restorative Benefits

Large nationwide network of providers


Doctor Office Visit Co-pays

In-Patient and Out-Patient Benefits

Hospital Indemnity

Provides a daily cash benefit paid directly to you for everyday you are confined to a hospital

Short Term Disability

Weekly pay for when you can’t work

These policies can be mixed and matched in order to fit your needs, and stay within your budget. As you know, prices for  medical insurance can be substantial, but the prices we can offer you have been designed to be affordable enough for even the part-time pros. And since this is a group policy, it is guarantee issued, and not medically underwritten.

For Benefit, Policy or Coverage Questions Call 1-888-612-3335

If you require greater coverage please return to and click on Client Services.  From here you can request a custom quote.